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What we do

The highest quality sound design is absolutely at the heart of all Aurelia projects and something we take great pride in. After years of gathering and recording sounds for projects and commissions we have developed many of our own sound libraries, bringing a truly unique resource to our creative projects.  In our opinion the best sound design is often that which the listener doesn’t even notice because it just sound right. Aurelia are experts in delivering vivid, impactful sound design that truly moves the listener. 

Like many audio professionals we started our careers in music and it really is a lifelong love affair. Through our combined experience we have composed music for film, TV and theatre as well as produced music for a range of international artists.

Aurelia are experts in the creation and deployment of content for multi-speaker surround sound installations. This has included work across the theatre, museum and events sectors and we have created experiences at venues including Somerset House, The Royal Academy of Art and Skywalker Ranch. Our approach is to view each room as part of the performance and to design experiences that place the audience right in the middle of a vivid and enveloping soundscape.

Binaural audio is one of the most powerful ways to experience recorded sound and has become hugely popular in recent years. Aurelia are one of the world’s most experienced producers of highly immersive binaural audio. We are experts in dramatisation of content and have created experiences for client including The Metropolitan Museum, Save the Children and The British Library.

Given the huge boom in podcast listening we are finding more and more people coming to us for advice on how to create something that truly stands out. Our expertise in immersive audio and audio drama is second to none and we are able to apply this to take podcast production to the next level .

Why we do it

We are obsessed with sound and how we can use it to enhance the human experience – Aurelia is on a mission to make the World sound better.

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John Hendicott
Marketing Manager

John is an experienced Marketing Manager with a track record of securing unprecedented deals, including 1994's largest ever butter order.

Chris Timpson
General Manager

A pure pro of the finest calibre Chris is just a mindblowing immersive experience

Joan Brendicott
Graphic Designer

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Horse Coarse
Art Director

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