Forced to Flee

Forced to Flee

Save the Children hosted an immersive event for its supporters called Forced to Flee – a binaural audio experience which aimed to bring to life the real experiences of children affected by conflict and violence and their search for safety. Groups were led into the space and given wireless headphones, then the voice of a narrator guided them through a series of tunnels and catacombs – combining audio with intricate set design. During their journey they experienced the children’s endeavours to reach safety, passing through camps, being in a classroom with gunshots across walls, windows and blackboards and eventually reaching a play area, which represents the work that the charity does in areas of conflict to bring play to children.

Sound Designer’s Scoop
“This is such a big issue and having the opportunity to utilise binaural audio to shine a light on it was both daunting and exciting. We recorded the entire piece on location in what is essentially a dungeon underneath Clerkenwell in London. The recording session was gruelling due to the freezing temperatures underground, but you can’t beat the sonic realism of binaural when listening back in the place it was recorded. ” (Chris Timpson).

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September 3, 2020