The Last Knight

The Last Knight

Aurelia were asked by the Met to bring to life a series of scenes as part of The Last Knight: The Art, Armour, and Ambition of Maximilian I. The exhibition examined the profound significance of European armour at the dawn of the Renaissance, through the lens of Emperor Maximilian I’s (1459–1519) remarkable life. On view only at The Met, The Last Knight coincided with the five-hundredth anniversary of Maximilian’s death, and was the most ambitious North American loan exhibition of European arms and armour in decades.

Aurelia built 8 immersive audio soundscapes to accompany different sections of the exhibition. These scenes told the extraordinary story of Maximillian’s life and in particular the role of combat and armour. This required some heavy lifting in the foley department in order to recreate very specific historical references to weapons and armour from ancient tapestries and paintings.

Sound Designer’s Scoop
“Working on fight scenes is often a rather guilty pleasure for a Sound Designer; a chance to play with maximum impact sounds and full dramatic effect. However, whenever we work with clients like The Met the level of detail is incredible. It’s an amazing privilege to work with world class curators and experts who can guide us in developing truly authentic soundscapes. No longer is a fight on horseback just a cacophony of hooves but an intricately choreographed interplay between man and beast taking place within a cobbled courtyard that has a light dusting of sand on it.” (Chris Timpson)..

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September 1, 2020