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Inside the Amazon

For centuries, the Amazon rain forest was one of the last great wildernesses on planet Earth, where isolated tribes and untold species of animals lived undisturbed by outsiders. But today the Amazon stands close to a tipping point, as rampant deforestation combines with climate change to threaten the rain forest’s very existence. Through augmented reality viewers can be a witness to the crisis unfolding in the Amazon.


CLIENT: Time Magazine
DATE: [post_published]

This immersive journey, with soundscape design by Aurelia, follows a team of journalists TIME sent deep into the Amazon. There, they met the indigenous people fighting illegal logging, the loggers cutting paths into the jungle, and the frontiersmen and women making an illicit living from the land. Guided by renowned primatologist and environmentalist Jane Goodall, you can explore tribal villages, inspect lumberyards and see for yourself how the Amazon is under threat.

Cutting-edge drone photography and 3-D photogrammetry of some of the most remote, difficult-to-reach and threatened locations takes readers deep into the disappearing Amazon in a way never seen before.


“A lot of the intricacies in this piece lay in trying to compose a soundtrack that carried the gravity of the situation, with a sense of hope in the face of hopelessness. One of the best parts of working on emerging technologies is the rules are still being figured out. There was a real challenge of how to create a soundworld for an experience that was both linear and interactive.”