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Liontree Cube

A stunning animation piece with a soundscape created using biodata gathered from plants and a haunting orchestral score.



CLIENT: Springbok Entertainment
DATE: [post_published]

Liontree wanted to create an event experience to wow guests with their holographic screen technology. Aurelia collaborated with Springbok Entertainment to make a stunning animation piece, inspired by the juxtaposition between humanity and nature. The piece follows the journey of a butterfly, from chrysalis to its first wing flaps and culminating in a huge swarm of butterflies around a Magnolia Tree. 

The soundscape was unique in that it was created using biodata gathered from plants to generate composition elements. By connecting plants to electronic sensors we were able to utilise their evolving electrical currents to “play” virtual instruments.  Alongside this we featured vocalisations from nature beatboxer Jason Singh and musical score from Jimi Steward at Sorting Room Studios.