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Paraiso Secreto

Creating a journey through Paradise as a fully sensory experience – seamlessly blending live theatre and VR to bring a slice of paradise into the heart of Mexico City and create the ultimate party.


CLIENT: The Mill / Corona
DATE: [post_published]

Aurelia worked with The Mill London to create a location-based interactive VR experience. The team built four vast, hyper-real landscapes using Epic’s Unreal engine to allow for a ground-breaking use of sensory interaction in VR.

To authentically create the feeling of being fully immersed in nature, the experience required the team to drill down into what drives the human perception of the environment around us and how to create a more believable connection to it. This had to be a world you could not only see and hear but one you could touch, feel and smell. All the while, finding a balance between motivating attendees to a clear end goal and ensuring that they felt like they authored the journey themselves through unique interactions.


“This was a fun piece – aside from the awesome implementation of room-scale VR, all of the environments were sonically very rich. Within a short space of time the user moved from a tropical jungle to an underground cavern, to high cliffs above exotic plains and ended up on a paradise beach. Each of these environments were packed full of beautiful sounds of nature”