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To Sleep To Dream

EarFilms is a storytelling experience like no other. Place on a blindfold, sit in a 3D sphere of speakers and lose yourself in a lifelike, vivid story for your ears and your imagination. Audiences have compared it to VR for your imagination, like a lucid dream and like a film where each listener is their own Director.


CLIENT: EarFilms
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The groundbreaking show To Sleep To Dream was originally commissioned at ISPA in NYC and went on to tour internationally overall several years – culminating in a one week residence at Skywalker Sound in California. Exploring our relationship with dreaming and inspired by the endless possibilities of the human imagination, To Sleep To Dream is a tale of hope in darkness. Set in a dystopian world that could be a future vision of an Earth dominated by the impact of climate change, To Sleep To Dream imagines a society where dreaming is outlawed.


Tour Highlights
Brighton International Festival (UK premier)
Skywalker Ranch, California
Mesa Arts, Arizona
Edinburgh Festival (British Council Showcase)
Recital Centre, Melbourne
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


“Working on the 360 mix for To Sleep To Dream was an epic exploration in sonic storytelling. We went on a journey to see how sound could create a very visual story experience in people’s imaginations. Early work with collaborators from the Royal National Institute of Blind People provided fascinating insight into this topic and triggered a whole series of questions about how we convey emotion through sound. Then there was the shift from mixing with 2 loudspeakers to mixing with 22 loudspeakers – this allowed us to essentially create a sonic theatre set in the room and choreograph every sound within the space.”