About our studio

A love of sound

Aurelia is an artist-led sound studio on a mission to make The World sound better. Whether we are working on an interactive art installation, feature film score, hiphop track or museum audio guide team Aurelia find their ears and minds lost in a sonic wonderland creating experiences that transport listeners to happy places. Our work has featured around the globe and we have collaborated with organisations and creators including The Metropolitan Museum, Skywalker Sound, Reeps One, Shaun Gladwell, Botis Seva, Time Magazine and The British Library.

The things that actually matter in our sound design

Price of mic 0
Perfect take 0
Feeling and authenticity 0
767 mph
MPH = speed of sound
Hairs in a human ear
Terabytes in our sound library
Years since sound left the oldest stars in our galaxy
John Hendicott
Sound Designer & Music Producer

John Hendicott is a platinum awarded music producer who specialises in 3D audio, sound design and music for film.

Chris Timpson
Sound Designer & Installation Artist

Chris is a sound designer and artist with a specialism in immersive audio for both multi-speaker and binaural headphone listening.

Carmen Talbot

Carmen is a heritage and arts consultant working with social history collections, oral history projects and digital engagement.

Adam Woodhams
Sound Designer (freelance)

Adam is a sound editor with an MA in sound design for film and television, currently working on short film productions and BBC radio shows.